The Stages of Unpacking

unpacking-new-houseWe’ve been in our new house for almost 2 months. Last weekend, we got a few drapes hung, setup the dining room, and figured out where to place a few larger pieces on the walls.

A walk through my house right now would reveal still-wrapped frames on my bedroom floor, shelves – and the contents that is usually displayed on them – stacked in a pile in Craig’s office, and the girls’ walk-in closet’s lack of walk-in ability.

So why is most of my home’s color, style and personality still disguised in paper and cardboard?

Because moving in is one thing, and unpacking a house is something entirely different.

The Stages of Unpacking a New House

After we were handed the keys to our new home, our goal was to get everything that was in the PODS, out. We have moved enough times that we knew we didn’t want to merely unload all our belongings into the garage; we wanted to move most boxes and furniture all the way into the house, straight into the rooms where they’d end up.

This makes emptying the PODS our Step 1 of Unpacking.

Because we intended to sleep in our new home that very first night, setting up beds was definitely Step 2.

(Well, setting up the beds and the coffee pot. No unpacking will happen without the caffeine intake to fuel it.)

Next came locating the essentials to live, like toilet paper, paper towels, soap and the like.

Unpacking the kitchen was definitely Step 4 of the unpacking process.

(Is it just me, or does it seem like 50% of the boxes are filled with kitchen stuff?)

If you’ve ever moved into a house with a man, you know that setting up the garage comes next. Or more than likely, occurs at the same time as you work on unpacking the kitchen. Maybe I should re-number that as Step 4b.

Clothes, towels and such follow suit. As do cables and power cords (since we aren’t mentally or emotionally equipped anymore to handle life without our HGTV and high-speed internet).

At that point, Craig and I found ourselves at a crossroads. Neither of us wanted to start banging holes into brand new dry wall if we weren’t sure how we wanted to set up a room or where we wanted to use something.

So the unpacking process kind of stopped.

For a few weeks, anyway.

Because by then both he and I were getting itchy from staring at the remaining unpacked boxes and bare walls. We had to get back to work on this house.

We are currently at the last stage of Unpacking, Stage 8. This is the stage where you’ve been living in your new house for a while and you feel like you are at home. You are using every room in your house, though you aren’t fully decorated. Pictures still need to be hung, shelves still need to go up, and your choice of paint colors need to start brushing their way onto your walls.

Stage 8 can drag on for a long time.

Months, even.

And the only way I’ve come across to know for sure that you have successfully completed Stage 8… is to put your house on the market again.

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  1. Lady Jennie
    July 22, 2013 | 11:26 am

    Yes! Kitchen stuff and books and cds (if you’re still a dinosaur like me).

    Stage 8 once lasted until we moved again. 😉

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