How To Build Up Your Business On TikTok?

Many think that TikTok is a short lip-syncing video platform for youngsters. But it is a way more than that. Currently, TikTok is developing as a popular social media platform among people. In fact, according to research, more than 800 million users are there on the platform. The new surge in the popularity growth of the video-sharing app is making many businesses and brands to think if they need to try out their marketing strategy on TikTok. If you use the TikTok platform in the right way, then you can enhance the reach of your brand/business among the audience. You can also use TikTok services at the Trollishly to get a massive reach on the platform. In this article, let’s see how to publicize your business on TikTok.

Before into the promotion of business, we will need to know about the platform.

Understand TikTok

The worst experience occurs if you do not know what to do on the platform. To refrain from getting neglected by the TikTokers, you will need to understand and make a study on the platform. On understanding what content works and the ways to interact with the audience, your business or brand will fit naturally into the platform’s culture. If you want to boost up your engagement in an instant, then you can use TikTok likes service and gain immense reach on TikTok.

TikTok is full of authentic and interactive content. As TikTok is not applicable for sales pitches, avoid posting full-on promotional content on it. Make sure to create appealing videos. Since the platform is mostly of the Gen Z audience, you will have to identify a creative way to connect with them to publicize your brand or business on the platform.

Best Ways To Develop Your Business

  1. Initiate Creative Content

To achieve a high reach among the TikTok users, you will need to create your original and authentic content. TikTok is a platform for creative content. In TikTok, you need not worry about providing highly-polished video content. You can film the video content, even on your smartphone. Though some trends and soundtracks are popular, do not try it, if it is not relevant to your business style. Remember, a simple video that shows all your products and services appears to be more authentic than creating a popular meme and failing on it.

  1. Try TikTok Influencers

Working with TikTok influencers is the best way to improve your business reach among the platform. As TikTok is mostly of Gen Z audience, we will have to impress them. Generation Z user does not prefer watching traditional ads. Thus, partnering with influencers can create an engaging bond between your business and the audience. To get the best results from the influencer marketing, you will need to make sure if the influencer is relevant to your brand and also check if the influencer’s followers are similar to your target audience. So, always make sure to choose the right influencer before getting into influencer marketing.

  1. Start Hashtag Challenges

Another strategy to build-up your business on TikTok is initiating hashtag challenges. In a hashtag challenge, you can encourage the audience to recreate your original content. You can add your branded hashtag to it. Some brands are inspiring the TikTok users to create their content with a branded hashtag. For example, the brand named Guess was the first to start the hashtag challenge with a hashtag #InMyDenim. They encouraged the users to film content wearing the Guess brand’s denim cloths. A hashtag challenge is not only for promoting your brand or business, but it is also for increasing engagement and interaction with the audience.

  1. Leverage TikTok Advertising

Finally, TikTok brought in ads to the platform. Though TikTok ads are pricey, yet it’s worth the price. TikTok provides four different kinds of advertisements that are below:

Brand Takeover: Your business can take over the TikTok platform for a day. In brand takeover ads, your ad content appears whenever the TikToker opens the app. Here, you can add an external or internal link to it. 

Infeed Videos: Here, the ad appears on the feeds of the audience. It is similar to that of the story ads on Instagram or Snapchat. These ads encourage features like app downloads and website clicks.

Branded Lenses: It is like the AR filters in Snapchat. You can make 2D/3D lenses to promote your brand or business.

Hashtag Challenges: It encourages more user-generated content and enhances more interaction with the audience.

In TikTok, you can reach only a precise audience. Hence make sure to choose the right target audience and also analyze the performance of the ad campaign to check if it’s working.


If your target audience is youngsters, TikTok is the exact place to grab their attention. Make use of the above ways to enhance your business’s reach among the audience.