5 Instagram Trends To Develop Your Business In 2021

Do you possess an e-Commerce business? If so, then you can choose the best social media platform for business. Here, Instagram is one of the primary platforms that always top recent marketing trends. Moreover, Instagram holds one billion active users globally; possibilities are there that it stays among the top performing platforms. As we enter into 2021, it’s essential to review back at what ad campaigns audiences look at, what works better, and what strategy performs on every other platform for marketing business. You can try out free Instagram followers service to boost your reputation with ease. 

It means you will need to understand what’s the latest Instagram trends to properly motivate users for your Instagram marketing strategies. In this article, we’ll discuss Instagram trends for 2021. You can be equipped with every detail to get improvised, changed, and design your Instagram marketing plans.

1. Instagram Stories

The first and foremost trends on Instagram are stories. It works as the backbone of influencer marketing. Although Instagram stories started four years ago, that took a short time to fascinate as one of the top trends to win Instagram users and followers globally. Today, Instagram story reviewed to be the perfect key metric on influencer marketing. Nearly 78% of brands, eight out of ten brands are looking for Instagram stories. It has got a massive view on influencer’s content about their brand.

In fact, Instagram is an extremely popular tool among influencers. As 88% of them say, they post content on Instagram stories consistently. Looking forward to every detail with the increased use of Instagram stories is one of the hottest Instagram trends in 2021. 63% of Instagram influencers begin to use Stories much more frequently during the last year.

2. Instagram Reels & Usage

Instagram reels lets users craft and edit short, 15-second videos. It was started in August 2020, among 50 different countries. By considering TikTok’s impressive growth and Instagram reels resembles it. It’ll hardly be a surprise if reels becomes as famous. Start on reels corresponds with a random period for TikTok. It launched as one of the largest Instagram trends to look out for in 2021.

Studies reveal that the average time spent on Instagram by users in India has grown 3.5% since after the launch of Instagram Reels.

3. Instagram Live

In recent times, Instagram’s fastest-growing trends during the past few months are live. As countries globally went into lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. Users took digital media channels to keep themselves active on social media. As going forward to 2021, the pandemic situation doesn’t look close to a resolution with the similar waves of infection affecting several countries. As said, people can expect strict lockdowns to stay in a place where Instagram live helps to start trending on Instagram and into the new year.

4. In-App Shopping

Instagram with online shopping grows with popularity, among the number of users. One of the topmost Instagram’s trends to check out audiences shopping on Instagram. However, Instagram might not be a usual place to shop online. The phrase shopping and Instagram reveal that it has got no commerce opportunities on the platform. On the other hand, 36% of Instagrammers in the U.S. consider shopping as a hobby.

By completely analyzing the platform, Instagram is continuously initiating new features to provide the requirements of its audience over the different stages of the purchasing funnel. As it goes, 70% of shoppers use Instagram for product information. There are about 130 million users who study more about products by clicking on shopping posts every month.

5. Instagram Explore Tab

Instagram’s explore tab is also a piece of trends to keep the users engaged during their search. It’s what Instagram uses explore tab to reveal previously unidentified content to its users. More than 50% of Instagram profiles use the Explore option at least once a month. Also, Instagram’s continuous updating helps to make the platform user-friendly for its followers and users. Moreover, Instagram works on redesigning features and shortcuts to move into the navigation purpose, time spent on Explore and usage rate will possibly increase.

Explore Tab will work as an attractive channel by which companies can develop their brand awareness and reach. It is expected that the top Instagram trends in 2021 will add competition among the brands for visibility on Instagram’s explore page to promote engagement.


As a final fact, these five Instagram trends discussed above help you to improve your business profile. Moreover, in 2021, using Instagram trends will make your Instagram marketing methods successful. It also makes you stand ahead among your competitors.