It was Roo’s turn

Back in the spring of 2009, I chopped off my ponytail and donated it to Pantene Beautifuls Lengths.

Ten inches to be exact.

In December of 2011, Kate donated hers.

Madelyn, who I happen to call my Brunette Rapunzel, has been adamant that she would never, ever, ever cut her long locks. I tried to tell her that it’s hair, it’ll grow, and that it would be so neat if all of us donated our ponytails.

But no matter what I said, it was a “NO WAY”.

(And anytime we went for a haircut, she made sure to specify, “ONLY a trim, and NOT a cut.”)

With her hair nearly down to her waist and no tolerance for the pain of knot removal, Madelyn shocked us all when she announced she was in fact going to donate her ponytail.

I didn’t count on her doing it until it was done. And get it done is exactly what she did on Friday!

All 11.5 inches of it!







Her hair is going to be mailed to Pantene on Monday!

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