Why do brands largely prefer TikTok to launch campaigns?

Today TikTok has evolved into the face of social media by having almost three fourth of the social media users. The Chinese based lip-synching application has gained unprecedented growth and garnered global attention. Today, TikTok has grown into an undisputed king of social media, with over 800 million monthly active users. This whooping monthly user base can easily drive marketers to choose TikTok over all other leading social platforms. TikTok stands at the top of the list of most downloaded applications from the app store in 2018 and 2019. Thus all these impressive statistics will make marketers go with TikTok over all other social platforms. The upliftment of the lip-synching application should be attributed to the engagement it offers to both the people and marketers. One of the primary reasons that have prompted marketers to shift to TikTok from Facebook is the fewer conversion rates. Gone are those days when brands made use of other social platforms to launch campaigns. In the present scenario, the majority of the brands are going with TikTok to launch campaigns. A recent survey has revealed that 75% of marketers prefer TikTok to launch new campaigns, which is expected to rise further in the future. Among one of the tactics, brands go with service providers like twitrounds to enhance their reach. Today many brands have come up with multiple measures to launch campaigns on this platform. Most probably, these campaigns become a success on the lip-synching application. 

One of the significant factors that brands usually for the success of their campaigns on TikTok is the natural characteristic of the platform. One thing that has to be taken in the note is that TikTok has attained an enormous reach due to its peculiar characteristics that distinguish it from all other social platforms. Brands take control of this unique characteristic of the lip-synching application and framed strategy accordingly. If we notice some of the successful campaigns that are launched on TikTok, they possess the attributes of the TikTok itself. To be more precise, the campaigns will drive people to take part in it rather than just staring and enjoying, which is the one that plays a significant role in making the campaigns to be successful. Many brands that have achieved excellence through their campaigns is by making people take part in it. Hence, people are part of the campaign, and it is incomplete unless they take part in it. People who take part in these campaigns have felt that it has created a bond between them and the brand. Thus, the ultimate goals of brands have been fulfilled by following such tactics on TikTok.  

One of the best recent campaigns is the ‘Swiggy Starhunt, ‘ which did justice to the words that TikTok is the best for campaigns. The campaign had maximized the reach of the food delivery platform across many countries. It has turned into the case study for marketers who replicated the same in their marketing strategies for the brands they are working for. The Swiggy Starhunt campaign has maximized the sales of the company and increased its profit. As part of the Swiggy Starhunt campaign, the delivery men were asked to take part in the campaign. They can exhibit any of their skills, including singing, dancing, or any other admiring talent. They were asked to upload the video on TikTok with the given hashtag. The campaign turned into a massive hit as many delivery persons came forward and exhibited their skills on TikTok, which has eventually enhanced the awareness of the brand name alongside building a reputation for the delivery men. At the end of the campaign, the person who received many likes was crowned as the winner. Swiggy uploaded the performance of its delivery men on its official TikTok page and added some edits and voice-overs to increase the engagement rate. The campaign garnered an excellent reputation for the food supply chain. 

Moreover, the delivery men were fulfilled with the way their company has recognized them and made them unleash their inner skills, which has boosted them further and uplifted their productivity. Thus, Swiggy has gained a multitude of benefits by leveraging the TikTok. Following this, many brands came up with a similar theme and witnessed a higher conversion rate. Thus, brands can go with such campaigns or avail free tiktok fans to maximize their growth.